Sports and Games Around The World Reflection

     My project was about bobsledding. Bobsledding is a winter sport. It was invented in St. Moritz, Switzerland. It was in the first winter Olympics and is still played today. I used google slides for  my presentation. Goggle slides is a fun way to present a project because you can do so many fun things with it. In my project, what  I liked most was how I inserted the pictures visually. What I mentally liked about my project was that I have had seen a movie about it and it really caught my interest. I think the hardest part about my project was researching all of my facts because each website I went to they all had the same facts.
  This project helped me learn in 2 ways. 1 of them is that you should always have some sort of note cards so you can look at the viewers instead of the screen the your presenting on. The 2 thing is that you shouldn't use light colors such as light blue, pink, or yellow because then you may not be able not read it. 
 What I would do over again is not put it light colors so I could read the screen better instead of having to look at the computer. The suggestion that I got was that I should have made some note cards before I presented  so I didn't have to look at the screen the whole time.


  1. Did you choose bobsledding because of the olympics?

  2. Your presentation was great. I liked the pictures and the video. Would you like to go bobsledding?


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