One Word


My one word for 2018 is happiness. In case you didn't know, happiness is the state of being happy. I chose this word because I remember last year was really rough and I spent a lot of my time not being happy and enjoying myself. This doesn't mean that I was sad or anything, I just wasn't "happy". I was either stressed or annoyed or something but this year I want to feel less bad emotions, such as angry, and more good emotions, such as happy. I know that when your around people who aren't happy or are just annoyed or something, you get annoyed and don't really want to be around them, and I don't want to make people feel like that. I don't want to make people feel anything but happy. I have also had some pretty sad or stressful things that has happened in my life and they just bother me sometimes. Or maybe I will be in some sort of argument with someone and be really angry. I just don't want to feel all of those bad emotions this year.…

W.O.W Project

Sports and Games Around The World Reflection

My project was about bobsledding. Bobsledding is a winter sport. It was invented in St. Moritz, Switzerland. It was in the first winter Olympics and is still played today. I used google slides for  my presentation. Goggle slides is a fun way to present a project because you can do so many fun things with it. In my project, what  I liked most was how I inserted the pictures visually. What I mentally liked about my project was that I have had seen a movie about it and it really caught my interest. I think the hardest part about my project was researching all of my facts because each website I went to they all had the same facts.
  This project helped me learn in 2 ways. 1 of them is that you should always have some sort of note cards so you can look at the viewers instead of the screen the your presenting on. The 2 thing is that you shouldn't use light colors such as light blue, pink, or yellow because then you may not be able not read it. 
 What I would do over again is not put it li…

My Inventing Poject

Plus:  I liked my painting job on the Submerantitherm when it was already built. Speaking of building, I thought I did a magnificent job adding on details to the Submerantitherm!(With the help of my mother. Heh heh.)   Minus: My minus was definitely my building job. I should have made it more unique instead a submarine with a magnet at the end. My other mistake was letting my mother paint the tube on top of the Submerantitherm.  Interesting: What I thought was interesting was finding out what CO2 is ....again. By the way if you didn't know CO2 is a gas that gets sucked up into the sky and can't get out through the O Zone. CO2 is made up of coal oil and natural gases. I learned something about myself. I need to be more creative and more unique instead of taking my mothers ideas.

Coding Reflection

What I liked about coding was that some levels were easier than others and some levels were harder than others. I also really liked their animation and and sound effects. I thought that they were really cute. I learned that Sometimes things aren't as easy as they look, and sometimes are easier than they look. I finished course 2 which I'm really proud about. I also really like that you can do it at home.

  This is what I could improve. I think that I should of tried to figured out how to go to the workspace limits instead of higher than the workspace limits. I also think that I should work on my angles so I can get past stages quicker.

  I learned that I am capable of more things than I thought I was. I am now more courages so I will try even more new things. My favorite stage was the bee loops. I also like the one where you make a dog and cat talk because it reminds me of theater and I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE

Plus, Minus, Interesting

My strengths are working as a team and creativity. I think that it is easier to work as a team than working alone because we got more idea's from the people that I was working with. I loved creating and building the project that I made though it was stressful getting the entrances. I can improve the designs in my shops that I made. I could of put some tables in Hammy's Hamburger's, and could have probably made a counter in Dolly's Donut's. I learned that everything is not always as easy as it sounds. The Mall took a long time and it was very challenging. It was very challenging because we first had to build the mall base. Then we had to build the entrances which took a lot of tape. Then we had to build our shops and fit them onto the mall base.