Nauvoo Trip Reflection

When Mrs. Edlin first told us about goiong to Nauvoo, I was really excited! But then she told us what we were going to do there. I thought the trip was going to be really boring. But to my surprise, it was a lot of fun. I think my favorite place was either the Family Living Center or the Pioneer Past Time. At the living center, we got to eat home made bread, learn how to make rope, wool candles, barrels, and how to weave.
     At Pioneer Past, we go to learn about the games that the children played. There were stilts, tug of war, and a lot of other games that I don't think had names. But my favorite was a game where you had to pull on strings to pull little wooden bears to the top. We called them ninja bears and had races to see who could get to the top of the rope first. It was really fun although pulling the rope hurt my hands and gave me a little bit of rope burn.
     Over all, it was an amazing experience. I got closer with alot of my classmates and made a lot of fun mem…

March Madeness: Gonzaga University

In class, we started a project over March Madness. My partner, Maya Lane, and I picked the team Gonzaga University. It wasn't our first pick or even our second, but now, seeing how a lot of the better teams ( Virgina, Arizona, Xavier ) have gotten out so far, I'm glad we chose what we did. Any here are a few facts about our team and its state.
In GOAL we got to choose an independent project. Mine was about Mental Illnesses and Asylums. I made this presentation in Google Slides. I chose this project because ever since I could remember, I've always been curious about asylums.I've always just been inerested in creepy stuff like that, I dont know why. I also have some mental health issues so I wanted to learn more about mental illnesses in general. The part I liked most about this project was actually learning about what patients had to go through when they were at an asylum. Like I, I've always liked creepy stuff like this. I think the hardest part was finding the pictures because some of the websites that the pictures were on didn't always have the date it was posted. The pictured could also have been copyrighted from someone else so I couldnt use it. I learned as a student because I 1- Learned more about noodle tools and 2- learned how to manage my time wisely. If I could do this project differently I would h…

One Word


My one word for 2018 is happiness. In case you didn't know, happiness is the state of being happy. I chose this word because I remember last year was really rough and I spent a lot of my time not being happy and enjoying myself. This doesn't mean that I was sad or anything, I just wasn't "happy". I was either stressed or annoyed or something but this year I want to feel less bad emotions, such as angry, and more good emotions, such as happy. I know that when your around people who aren't happy or are just annoyed or something, you get annoyed and don't really want to be around them, and I don't want to make people feel like that. I don't want to make people feel anything but happy. I have also had some pretty sad or stressful things that has happened in my life and they just bother me sometimes. Or maybe I will be in some sort of argument with someone and be really angry. I just don't want to feel all of those bad emotions this year.…

W.O.W Project

Sports and Games Around The World Reflection

My project was about bobsledding. Bobsledding is a winter sport. It was invented in St. Moritz, Switzerland. It was in the first winter Olympics and is still played today. I used google slides for  my presentation. Goggle slides is a fun way to present a project because you can do so many fun things with it. In my project, what  I liked most was how I inserted the pictures visually. What I mentally liked about my project was that I have had seen a movie about it and it really caught my interest. I think the hardest part about my project was researching all of my facts because each website I went to they all had the same facts.
  This project helped me learn in 2 ways. 1 of them is that you should always have some sort of note cards so you can look at the viewers instead of the screen the your presenting on. The 2 thing is that you shouldn't use light colors such as light blue, pink, or yellow because then you may not be able not read it. 
 What I would do over again is not put it li…

My Inventing Poject

Plus:  I liked my painting job on the Submerantitherm when it was already built. Speaking of building, I thought I did a magnificent job adding on details to the Submerantitherm!(With the help of my mother. Heh heh.)   Minus: My minus was definitely my building job. I should have made it more unique instead a submarine with a magnet at the end. My other mistake was letting my mother paint the tube on top of the Submerantitherm.  Interesting: What I thought was interesting was finding out what CO2 is ....again. By the way if you didn't know CO2 is a gas that gets sucked up into the sky and can't get out through the O Zone. CO2 is made up of coal oil and natural gases. I learned something about myself. I need to be more creative and more unique instead of taking my mothers ideas.